Wandiology: Bruja, Astrologist, Makeup Artist, Software Developer, Beyoncé Stan.

Astrology is looking at what is happening in the sky, and relating placements of planetary bodies to events on earth. I remember Wandia, better known as Wandiology, opening with this line the first time I attended one of her astrology classes in Nairobi.

I recently decided I want to learn more about Astrology, and so like many do, I started learning my natal chart and looked up as many astro pages as I could find on Twitter, and like the proverbial manna from heaven, Wandia came into my sights. There aren’t too many young, relatable astrologists in Kenya (as far as I know), and so many of us wanting to learn have to make do with western online resources and astro gurus. Wandia, however, is bridging that gap by actively engaging in the astro space in Kenya, and sharing her resources through workshops, a few of which I have had the privilege of attending. I am writing this blog because I love to see my peers being trailblazers in their respective fields. I should have prefaced this by saying Wandia has a Virgo sun; it’s giving hard working and pure in spirit, and I wouldn’t expect less from natives of the sign that gave us Beyoncé.

True to her Human Design (Generator), Wandia derives her energy from how excited she is about something, being a Manifesting Generator myself, this is something we strongly have in common. Listening to her teach an Astrology workshop, she accords Astrology the same vigor as when tweeting abut Beyoncé, or creating makeup looks, or the dedication she gives software development. I’m a true and firm believer in living according to one’s Huma Design.

So how did she get into Astrology? Probably the same way we were all introduced to Astrology; maybe by the horoscopes in the newspaper, or the internet, or hearing someone talk about it. Wandia however, delved deeper, relating Astrology to events happening around her, reading charts for those close to her, and a few year later her she is. A testament to what passion and tenacity can achieve.

Q: I’m curious, what do you see for yourself in the future, or better yet, do you think about the future as it relates to Astrology and your other passions?
Are there times when you have to prioritize other passions and let others take precedence, or do you try to intersect them all?

Wandia: I’m pretty excited for my future. I’m excited for a healthy community where there is reciprocity and care, and teaching Astrology has and continues to give me that and it’s humbling as much as it’s inspiring. I’m excited every time someone trusts me with interpreting their natal cart or offering them a Tarot reading or attending an Astrology class. The main goal here is to demystify Astrology and to make accessible a tool that I know is highly effective for deep self understanding and self actualization, and I am a true believer of that because Astrology did just that for me.

As a 3/5 Profile (the Great Life Experimenter), I have a plethora of subjects to explore, in Astrology and in life. I enjoy learning, I love the process maybe even more than the master. It’s the childish excitement when I discover new concepts and skills.

It could be learning about nakshatras (constellations) or that my Lagna (Ascendant) is in Karka (Cancer) while learning Vedic Astrology.

Could be building a back end using rails while software engineering labs as I think about Pluto in Aquarius (March 2023) transit that will bring huge transformational shifts in technology could.

Could be painting my face like Doja Cat at the Balenciaga show because I am a Libra North Node, I do love the beautification process or teaching an Astrology class at the Wonderhouse and have my class teach me new concepts in return.

My Human Design lets me know I can explore all my passions, as long as I’m excited by them, of course my Virgo sun make same a meticulous planner, so I schedule time for all my passions, using a cute app called Notion, that way I assign some time to each skill. I am always grateful for the abundance and the Creator continues to grant us and as scholars keepers of that universe, the Astrology community will continue to grow and thrive.

I am also very thankful for the internet since I have interacted with and earnt from some the most renowned Astrologers like Planet Marie, Crystal, Savannah, iJaade, and many many others. That’s that 9th House energy!!

Also thankful for family, friends, partner, and Queen Mother Beyoncé (STREAM VIRGO’S GROOVE FOR GOOD LUCK) for being constant inspirations.

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