I joined tinder for a day and this happened

Single & ready to mingle. Overview Some time ago, I wrote a very interesting blog post. In it, I discussed a bit of the mess that is Nairobi’s dating scene, and I even went as far as giving some suggestions on how we can begin to untangle this city. However, it dawned on me thatContinue reading “I joined tinder for a day and this happened”

Sex work is work

Firstly, I will start by making it clear that I believe sex work is dignified work. You see, many times when people argue that sex work is not work, they say things like sex work is ‘self-debasement for profit’, or that sex work is ‘the reduction of self to be used as an object by others’, and my response is, isn’t that the definition of every single employment position?

5 months in Diani + life update

No matter where you are, there you are. I’m starting off this blog post fully cognizant that I haven’t posted an article in well over 3 months. When I started this website, we were knee deep into a whole panoramic, and I thought writing lifestyle & opinion articles would be a good way to copeContinue reading “5 months in Diani + life update”


“Cities are like people, constantly showing their different personalities”. For a lot of us who live in Nairobi, we may sometimes feel as though the city isn’t as exciting as we’d like it to be, or that we occasionally need to get out of Nairobi for some ‘fresh air’. I am writing this blog post,Continue reading “5 THINGS TO DO IN NAIROBI CBD”