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My name is Mumbi. I am a performing spoken word poet, writer, and self-published author from the green city under the sun, otherwise known as Nairobi, Kenya.
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Sex work is work

Firstly, I will start by making it clear that I believe sex work is dignified work. You see, many times when people argue that sex work is not work, they say things like sex work is ‘self-debasement for profit’, or that sex work is ‘the reduction of self to be used as an object by others’, and my response is, isn’t that the definition of every single employment position?

How not to self-publish a book

This is a post about all the lessons I have learned as I have been writing my poetry book. It might serve as a guide to beginners in the literary world on what to expect.

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“She is definitely indefatigable, and her creativity and oratory, a definition of the word.” – Afrowayent.com

I was born to write and perform poetry. I am a writer, performer, curator, content editor, copywriter, law school graduate, and Sondeka Award’s Best spoken word poet of the year, Kenya 2020.

Email me: bookmumbi[at]gmail.com